Ejercitador Pulmonar Ultra Breathe
  • Ejercitador Pulmonar Ultra Breathe

Pulmonary exercise Ultra Breathe

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The Ultrabreathe® is a highly effective inspiring/spiratory muscle trainer, which provides an easy and convenient means to increase the strength and durability of breathing muscles.

It works according to the principle of resistance.

As it inhales, the resistance created makes your breathing muscles work more, and the more they work, the stronger and the longer they become, and as it improves your breathing capacity, Ultrabreathe® can be adjusted gradually to provide more resistance.

The device Ultrabreathe® is patented, approved by the EC and manufactured in the UK according to the strict European standards of health and safety. It has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Who uses Ultrabreathe®

We supply Ultrabreathe a wide range of users, from athletes to singers, from performing artists to people with medical conditions. Musicians, singers, actors, athletes, climbers, seniors, performance artists, dancers, actors, asthmatics, apneists, cyclists, divers... all can benefit from the training of inspiring muscles with the Ultrabreathe.

Can be used Ultrabreathe for inspiring and breathtaking muscle training?

Yeah, Ultrabreathe can be easily adjusted to exercise the muscles we use to exhal, (spiratory) and inhal, (inspiratory). With a single model,

?Ultrabreathe is suitable for all users?

Yes, the Ultrabreathe can be adjusted in a wide range of resistances, which makes it suitable for users of all levels of physical condition.

Do the Ultrabreaths of different colors indicate different resistance levels?

No: the range simply gives the user a color option, as the device can be adjusted in a wide range of resistance levels.

What's the deal? Ultrabreathe?

The body, lid and case are made of ABS plastic and the nozzle with a specially formulated medical grade PVC compound, which does not contain phthalates, BPA or latex. It also has antibacterial properties.

How should I clean up my Ultrabreathe?

We recommend that you clean your Ultrabreathe, especially the nozzle, twice a week, with warm water and soap for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water while rubbing gently with a soft cloth before leaving to dry. Then, once a week, clean in depth with a cold sterilizing solution for bottle. I don't want to talk about anything.

My Ultrabreathe is marked as "Made in China", is it genuine?

No, this is a forgery. All genuine Ultrabreaths carry the brand "CE" and "Made in UK". Contact the seller and request the original article.


Used correctly, the Ultrabreathe can be used by almost everyone and has no harmful side effects. Very occasionally, however, there may be cases in which the creation of a large negative pressure on the chest can exacerbate an existing condition. If this happens, a doctor should be consulted. If you are taking medications, have a medical condition (e.g. asthma/COPD) or are not sure whether or not Ultrabreathe is appropriate for you, then you should consult your doctor before starting the training. Especially, unless your doctor tells you, you should not stop taking any medications: Ultrabreathe is intended to complement existing treatments, not to replace them.

If you are looking for how to increase your lung capacity, how to improve your breathing or if what you are looking for is how to exercise your pelvic soil, you should keep reading. Improved lung capacity can help us improve our performance in certain sports, activities like music or even help people with asthma. If we know how to gain lung capacity, our lungs will be more efficient, giving us an extra we didn't have before. But not everything is sport, there is also the most intimate health. Perlvic soil exercises can help us to correct an abdominal diastasis or rectum diastasis. Combining Kegel exercises with exercises to strengthen our pelvic soil can provide us with extra health that we must take into account. There are many types of hypopressive exercises that can help us reduce intraabdominal pressure, helping to improve our postureal health, improve breathing and improve our metabolic and sexual health. The hypopressive abdominal gymnastics or GAH work the pelvic floor and the abdominal transverse through the inspiration and contraction of the abdomen, so they do not stop being a bit more “intensive” breathing exercises. This is why more and more therapists recommend the use of certain devices while improving hypopressive or abdominal gymnastics. Although at the beginning the most popular was the Winner Flow insuflator, today's day there are several spirometers or apparatuses to exercise the lungs how they can be EOLOS, ULTRABREATHE,POWERBREATHE or training masks or training masks. For price and performance we have stayed with the respiratory muscle trainers Eolos Breathe Trainer and Ultrabreathe lung exerciser. We've probably all heard or seen the winner flow on some occasion, but, despite that, it's not an artill that we can easily find if we haven't ever been forced to use it. The winner flow is a device that enhances muscle action of the expiratory musculature. It is practically indispensable in pelvic abdomino training. It is an insuflator made of hypoallergenic polycarbonate and placed in the mouth (between the lips, not between the teeth) to do certain exercises. The main quality of this device is that it allows to maintain a controlled and homogeneous expiration during the exercise. We should start using the winner flow by following the recommendations of an expert physiotherapist, in this way we will learn to introduce it into active work and regulate the intensity so that its effects are as positive as possible.


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